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In lieu of live performances, Harrisburg Opera Association presented a virtual season by combining Opera in the Park – our free educational outreach concert – with our mainstage program where students earn credit for participation with our production. The video presentation premiered on HOA’s YouTube channel on Saturday, August 29th, 2020 at 7:30 PM.

How to watch the presenation: Our channel is linked to the YouTube icon at the top right side of our website. Clicking on the image will take you right to our channel. If you have a YouTube account please subscribe! We will upload the video about a week before. You will see the movie in the line up. We will also post a direct link to the presentation. As it is set to preview on that date and time you will not be able to view it until then. Can't make the premiere? It will be in permanent reruns afterward.

The theme “Outside While Inside” brought attention to some of our communities of color by focusing on their artistic contributions and experiences, showcasing historical areas in Harrisburg and celebrating our natural world. There were five presentations including the music genres of Baroque Classical Music, African American Spiritual, Mainstream Jazz, Latin Jazz and Classical / Pop Crossover. The content included original arrangements and an original song, as well as familiar and not so familiar pieces. Narration before each segment provided educational and culturally relevant information.

A world class, ethnically diverse cast of professional international, regional and local singing actors participated in this production. After the premiere the footage was edited into segments to be presented to participating Central Pennsylvania school districts to add to their curricula. Topics covered include: Music, Art, History and Social Studies geared toward kindergarten through high school age groups.

Artistic Personnel and Participation

Gwendolyn Bowers: Singing Actor - Mezzo Soprano
Megan Caruso: Co-founder of Sprocket Mural Works, Narrator
Grant Chang: Singing Actor - Baritone
Alex Chester: Singing Actor – Soprano
Timothy Dixon: Art & Education Officer, Conductor
Michael Gamon: Art & Education Officer, Narrator, Viola
Nimo Gandhi: Singing Actor - Baritone
Stephen W. Hallman: Singing Actor – Tenor, Videographer
Kofi Hayford: Singing Actor - Bass
Adam Klein: Art & Education Officer, Arranger, Singing Actor – Tenor, Banjo, Dulcimer, Videographer, Sound Engineer
Timothy Lafontaine: Singing Actor - Baritone
Rebecca Lee Lerman: Singing Actor - Soprano
Larry Marshall: Drums
Steve Meashey: Bass
Raúl Melo: Singing Actor - Tenor
Alice Mount: Choreographer
Jorge Ocasio: Singing Actor - Bass
Tom Ryan: Art & Education Officer, Videographer
Jessica Phillips-Rife: Singing Actor - Soprano
Greg Strohman: Art & Education Officer, Arranger, Pianist, Trombone, Sound Engineer, Videographer
Tom Strohman: Woodwinds, Saxophone
Christyan Seay: Singing Actor -Tenor
Lee Swartz: Board President, Treasurer, Narrator
Tami Swartz: Executive Director, Artistic Director, Composer, Arranger, Singing Actor - Soprano
Ronnie Waters: Composer, Arranger, Trumpet
Tim Wolfe: Bassist
Jimmy Wood: Pianist, Narrator
Dance Students from Adrenaline Dance of York
Student members of the Appell Center for the Performing Arts, The Harrisburg Academy & Messiah College

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