Harrisburg Opera Association - 1997-1998

Season 1997-1998

October 17th, 18th and 19th, 1997

Harrisburg Opera Association presented THE THREEPENNY OPERA at the State Museum of Pennsylvania. This marked the Harrisburg premiere of the Off Broadway version of the show and featured for the first time Broadway veteran performers. The performance space at the museum was chosen for it's intimate and edgy atmosphere to enhance the dramatic, dark comedy aspect of Weill and Brecht's work. Before the rehearsal period, an evening of cabaret was also sponsored by HOA to promote the production and featured local drag queen artist Kelly Green as Marlena Dietrich performing songs from the 1930's - the time period that THE THREEPENNY OPERA was originally conceived.

Featured Artists:
Richard Smith - MacHeath (Mac the Knife)
Dean Anthony - The Street Singer, Matt, The Mounted Messenger
Tami Swartz - Polly Peachum
Annie Hughes - Jenny Diver
Mary Kate Law - Mrs. Peachum
Tom Hostetter - Mr. Peachum
Dorothy Cardella - Lucy Brown
Dominic Cicco - Tiger Brown
Victoria Bond - Music Director / Conductor
Nancy Rhodes - Stage Director
May 30th, June 3rd and 6th, 1998 - Messiah College, Miller Theatre, Grantham, PA
Video Clip: Opera Finale - George Dyer, Suzanne Bales and Matthew Lau

Featured Artists:
George Dyer - Faust
Matthew Lau - Mephistopheles
Suzanne Bales - Marguerite
Nicholas Loren - Valentin
Tami Swartz - Seibel
Leslie Middlebrook - Dame Marthe
Michael Anderson - Wagner
Victoria Bond - Music Director / Conductor
Cynthia Edwards - Stage Director

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